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Monitoring the situation on the banks. Missouri corona virus.

Life on the banks. We’re monitoring the situation.

If Jimmy John’s and Warby Parker offer their take, we will, too. If you don’t consume podcasts on the reg, you may not be familiar with our project over at The Scout Podcast. And if that’s the case, you didn’t catch 30-minutes worth of introverted Dad advice from Jordan and Jeff. In not quite a […]

Rounding third and heading home.

Something’s been eating at me lately. For years actually. It’s about memory. Memories of my childhood are blurred; nonexistent in many instances. Some stand out in sharp contrast while most are entirely lost. It’s not that time as colored or altered them. They’ve seemingly been replaced by Jay-Z lyrics and recounting times I’ve replied, “You, […]

The steering wheel wave. A study.

Sometimes we ramble. When that happens, what was supposed to be a quick Scout entry gets filed away as a blog post and saved for another day. This is one of those long-winded asides that blends fleeting thoughts and borderline incoherent explanations into a few extra paragraphs. We’re talking rural steering wheel wave here.   […]

A ride down Goodbye Road.

My wife and I don’t agree on music. We agree on most things: The lawn should be mowed once a week, Christmas lights don’t go up until after Thanksgiving, snacks are essential when beer is present, and we know we can’t please everyone. We’re not avocados. When it comes to tunes, we have our flags […]
A pickle in your beer? Made in Missouri.

The Pickle and the Stag. A love story.

Last week, our investigative journalism expertise peaked as we spent roughly 30 minutes on Google. We were searching for the origins of dropping a pickle spear into a beer. It wasn’t a glamorous or easy gig, but someone had to bear that responsibility. If you have no clue what we’re talking about, read this first. […]
The Scout - Changing the way you see news.

Two words will change the way you see the news.

That’s big talk, I know. But they will at least change the way we start sending you news:   Charm & Hustle. Those are the words (and the ampersand) that will cause the shift. For years I’ve worked with this mindset. Convincing people I can do something, then figuring it out. Now this idea has […]