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Wednesday Words. Round 1.

Work hard and be nice to people. If you’ve been with us for more than two days, you know we wrap up each Wednesday email with a quick selection of words. They are inspirational, challenging or just something we heard that week that fit the vibe. Some friends of The Scout brought these words to […]

Rounding third and heading home.

Something’s been eating at me lately. For years actually. It’s about memory. Memories of my childhood are blurred; nonexistent in many instances. Some stand out in sharp contrast while most are entirely lost. It’s not that time as colored or altered them. They’ve seemingly been replaced by Jay-Z lyrics and recounting times I’ve replied, “You, […]

What I learned from Portland.

No, it wasn’t to put a bird on it. What impressed me most about Portland while I was visiting was not its weirdness; I didn’t see a single unicyclist the whole 96 hours I was there. (I was sorely disappointed; my college alma mater was stranger than Portland.) Nope. What impressed me most about Portland […]