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Monitoring the situation on the banks. Missouri corona virus.

Life on the banks. We’re monitoring the situation.

If Jimmy John’s and Warby Parker offer their take, we will, too. If you don’t consume podcasts on the reg, you may not be familiar with our project over at The Scout Podcast. And if that’s the case, you didn’t catch 30-minutes worth of introverted Dad advice from Jordan and Jeff. In not quite a […]

Wednesday Words. Round 1.

Work hard and be nice to people. If you’ve been with us for more than two days, you know we wrap up each Wednesday email with a quick selection of words. They are inspirational, challenging or just something we heard that week that fit the vibe. Some friends of The Scout brought these words to […]

Rounding third and heading home.

Something’s been eating at me lately. For years actually. It’s about memory. Memories of my childhood are blurred; nonexistent in many instances. Some stand out in sharp contrast while most are entirely lost. It’s not that time as colored or altered them. They’ve seemingly been replaced by Jay-Z lyrics and recounting times I’ve replied, “You, […]